In its commitment with the environment and as part of its corporate responsibility, PBS attended last Wednesday 25th of November to the presentation “Nuclear Energy and Climate Change” hosted by the private foundation “Empresa y Clima” and with the participation of the Nuclear Industry of Spain, at Sant Pau’s Modernist precinct in Barcelona.

Inside the frame of the next Conference of the parts of the Convention United Nations World Summit Regions for Climate Change December 2015 in Paris, different settings about climate change will be studied. One of the main concerns is to avoid the growth of the medium global temperature above 2 degrees Celsius, since this can negatively affect key sectors such as ecosystems, biodiversity, agriculture, water supply and human health in most of the regions of the planet.

Historically, the energy sector has been the biggest emissary of greenhouse effect gases worldwide; however, nuclear energy can contribute with the reduction of such emissions while it produces great amounts of energy that are necessary to ensure the future’s supply and economic growth. This energy at the same time was avoided the emission of 65GT of CO2 to the atmosphere in the last 45 years. The President of the Nuclear Forum, Antonio Cornadó, stated that “The nuclear energy should still be considered as a environmental efficient energy”.

Publicado el 06-2016 por PBS