On June 16th, at the auditorium of Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, the Annual Conference of the private foundation Empresa y Clima was held.

The conference started with director Elvira Carles, who explained how the foundation developed throughout the year 2015 and said that they closed the year with 59 businesses and collaborators, PBS being one of them.

The summary of the projects that they carried out was of 4 initiatives: the “PICACOMPOST”, an organic waste management plan through compost in the region of Tarapacá in Chile, the project of the Caixa’s social work “DAV”, the creation of a methodology to accomplish a supply of drinking water in Arequipa, Peru and a plan to find an efficient and sustainable water cycle management in the eastern Islands in Chile.

Beside the many projects we heard about the foundation’s actions in 2015, such as, the calculation of the greenhouse effect gases’ emissions, the counseling for the Environmental Program of the Balearic Islands, the IV Mediterranean congress of Energy Efficiency and Smart Green Cities and the informative sessions about European Founding for Businesses. All this while being hosts of debates, seminaries and presentations 10 out of the 12 months of the year.

The Foundation Empresa y Clima was featured also in the media, starting with the printed media, among them the newspapers “El Economista”, “La Vanguardia” “L’Econòmic” and ecologic publications such as “EFE Verde”. In the broadcasted media, TV3 and Barcelona Televisió BTV featured FEC plus “Cadena Ser” and “Radio Taracon” in the radio.

PBS attended the Investment Opportunities in Peru Seminar

The forecast for the year 2016 is of growth in the Businesses and Collaborators area, plus a wide range of actions that are planned for the year, some have already taken place and others will be carried out during the rest of the year, for example, the presentation of the Report on world’s CO2 emissions situation. Year 2014 on which we part took last month, and the project of the sustainable management of the water cycle in the Eastern Islands in Chile that is being currently developed.

Because of their transparent management and their calling for helping and making the world a better place, we are very grateful to collaborate with the private Foundation Empresa y Clima’s current and future projects.

Publicado el 06-2016 por PBS