On March 9th and 10th of 2017, the Englobally Group global meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain. On Thursday, March 9th and Friday, March 10th of 2017, Barcelona, Spain was home to the gathering of the highest directors from the Englobally Group. The primary objective of the meeting was to analyze fiscal tendencies, accounting procedures, and leading technologies in the process of internationalization and outsourcing of the companies’ financial departments.

The meeting aimed to find ways to improve the offers that help give satisfactory solutions to multinational businesses in different sectors of the economy.
The event, organized by the Spanish company, PBS, permitted the Englobally Group members to present and exchange key data that affects the interests of their international clients, especially those  from the regions covered by the group, primarily America, Europe, and Asia.

The information that was presented was invaluable, and what really stood out overall was the outstanding technological capacity with which the group works to be able to adapt to the markets and fiscal policies that are constantly changing all around the globe. The new meeting dates have already been decided upon and will be held in Rome in October of this year, followed by in Asia in March of 2018.

Publicado el 03-2017 por PBS