International expansion network

Once more members from the network specialized in international expansion and to which PBS belongs, will host their annual meeting. This year the chosen city to host the event is Barcelona and from PBS we hope to give a warm welcome to the rest of the members.

Sharing and mutual growth

During the days June 12 and 13 we will have the opportunity of listening and debating with professionals over 16 countries, thereby having a more global vision of the needs an expanding company might have in different regions.  During these reunions partners from different companies learn in depth how the rest of the members work and this way they are able to know what they can offer to clients who need service in another country in addition to sharing experiences and knowledge that could help to mutual growth.

International professionals in accounting, payroll and HR

PBS is part of a solid network with members that offer a vast experience in global accounting, payroll and HR in the language you need.

Publicado el 06-2014 por PBS