PBS attended to the seminar Bussines Opportunities in Uruguay organised by the Embassy of Uruguay in Spain in the head office of Foment the Treball de Barcelona.

According to Lagetum Intitute, in 2015 Uruguay’s Prosperity Index has been ranked on the first place in Latin America, furthermore is the country with higher income per capita and better distribution of wealth in the region.

Uruguay offers ease of doing business among other things because there is equal treatment for foreign and local people, no limit to the supply of foreign capital in companies, it does not require local counterpart nor authorization or prior registration and has a foreign exchange free market.

It is important to know that Uruguay has exemptions from import taxes and fees for moveable fixed asset goods, VAT and equity tax exemptions.

Ana Teresa Ayala, Commercial Officer of the Uruguayan Embassy in Spain mentioned that Uruguay is ranked in the 4th place of the Environmental Sustainability Index and is ranked 14th of the 2015 Energy Trilemma Index.

Publicado el 04-2016 por PBS