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The web tool EMOTIVA , is the new bet for management, planning and communication of the compensation plan developed by PBS – Professional Bookkeeping Services .

Flexible compensation  is a voluntary compensation system in which employees decide how to receive their annual compensation. They choose how much to receive in monetary salary and how much to receive as products or services offering a tax and/or economic saving.

The web tool benefits not only the company,  achieving  profitable compensation strategies and increasing costs control, but also the employee who becomes manager of his own salary.

The implementation of the flexible compensation plan has 3 phases:

  • Design
  • Signin up to benefits
  • Management

Combined with a clear and effective communication, an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for the employee and compliance with Spanish State and regional legislation in force at all times; EMOTIVA turns to be the future solution in flexible compensation for the companies in view of 2013.


Publicado el 12-2012 por PBS