The Englobally Group partners, gathered in Barcelona for the congress, enjoyed the hospitality provided by PBS.The vision of Englobally Group is to offer all clients the best accompaniment in the internationalization and outsourcing of accounting, tax, payroll, and technology. For this very reason on the 9th and 10th of March, the partners of the group gathered together in Barcelona to celebrate the Englobally Group Congress. The group members worked to define the characteristics of the direct dialogue which needs to be held with clients, focusing on understanding and anticipating their needs and wants.

On this occasion, the PBS firm, headed by Marcel Miró, was in charge of coordinating the event which periodically takes place to unite and strengthen relations between all group members.  PBS has representation in both Madrid and Barcelona.

The Englobally Group community accepts and takes advantage of the opportunities generated by the constant market transformation. In sharing professional resources in different locations around the globe, as well as having great cohesion and confidence, the Englobally Group is able to offer solutions regarding financial internationalization and business in any geographic location.

One dominating point in the agenda was the international operational capacity of Englobally Group. This advantage, in addition to the constant expansion of their technological capacity, makes the group a determining factor in the definition of the standards of excellence within international accounting consultants, likewise putting the group in a position that stands out among the rest when compared to similar competitors.The Barcelona congress ended with the agreement that the Englobally Group will serve to transform and strengthen the capacities of it’s associates and to transfer this competitive advantage to all of its clients.

Publicado el 03-2017 por PBS