to be successful we have to be surrounded by people who know more than you and offer authentic products[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Today June 14th the Breakfast-Colloquium about the Internationalization challenges and opportunities of the family business in Latin America took place at the IE Business School Madrid’s great hall. The event was hosted by the journal Expasión, Iberoamérica Empresarial and 162 encuentros.

At the presentation, Manuel Bermejo, president of The Family Advisory Board TFAB, stated that the families with business have to take on the challenges of the new era, creating a Family Business 3.0.

The event was sponsored mainly by:

Ontier, considered the first global law firm, since the partners from different countries share the same values and objectives,

Kreab, a dedicated team of communication professionals around the world, that offer solutions for complex communication issues

And Goya Foods, Inc. the largest Hispanic food company in the United States and the first source of authentic Latin cuisine. Goya gives it customers, at affordable prices, more than 2,200 high quality products from the Caribbean, Mexico, Spain and Central and South America.

Robert Unanue, world presiden of Goya Foods, tells us the success story of his family company. In USA they look at us as the only supplier of Latin products, says the president and he also shares that beside a thorough market study, to be successful we have to be surrounded by people who know more than you and offer authentic products. This way and added to the purchase of raw material in the country where the food comes from they obtain flavor that are linked to each dish and each culture.

The current president of Goya Foods is the grandson of the company’s founder and even though it is still a family business, Robert accepts the idea of sharing responsibilities to secure the growth.

As a closing statement of the event, Cristina Cruz, responsible of Family Business in the IE Business School, names Latin America as a source of opportunities for the Spanish Businesses.

Publicado el 06-2016 por PBS