19 February, 2017

Learn more about the guidelines of the Spanish Tax Agency Tax Control Plan

We find ourselves in front of an increasingly modernized control system of risk taxpayers, on which the Spanish Hacienda will focus its attention and that need to be taken into account.

One of the strategic objectives of the Spanish Tax Agency is the prevention and fight against fiscal fraud. The Tax Control Plan is a planning tool that defines the risk profiles that deserve a priority attention of each fiscal year as well as the basic criteria of the tax audits to be carried out concerning such profiles.

Learn more about the main guidelines for fiscal year 2017

✔  Great fortunes control

The Spanish Tax Agency will boost the control of wealthy individuals based on new computer tools created on purpose to improve the knowledge and select risks, (for example, when the use of special purpose vehicles permit channelling taxable income through a significant decrease of the tax burden).

Besides the exchange of information with the USA (FATCA Agreement) and of the financial accounts (CRS), the information obtained from Forms 720 and 750 (utilized for the so – called “tax amnesty”) will be used.

Note that with the pre – existing tools, the Tax Agency has already computed a tax debt for an amount exceeding 4 million Euro, to individuals whose wealth exceeds 10 million Euro.

✔  Fight against unregistered economy

Special attention will be paid to activities carried out with the intervention of end –users or with respect to which data are available that double – use software is being utilized. Personal appearances in high – risk sectors (such as establishments open to the public) are expected to take place.

✔  Tax evasion carried out by multinationals

The Tax Agency will work in the development of risk analysis that permits the use of information that it will start receiving in 2017 (tax rulings) and 2018 (Country – by – Country information), focusing on the correction of tax avoidance practices following BEPS risk areas.

✔  Tax – Fraud in digital economy

The tax Agency will intensify the analysis of new means of payment, (such as payment platforms) and will collaborate with Tax agencies from other countries to check profits obtained by economic agents using internet.

Besides these measures, the Tax Agency shall control major debtors through the Collection department.

In summary, we find ourselves in front of an increasingly modernized control system of risk taxpayers, on which the Spanish Hacienda will focus its attention and that need to be taken into account.


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