Tax compliance obligations are an essential part of the appropriate tax management in our day-to-day. The sophistication of tax rules has caused that such management affects nowadays not only companies but also individuals.

April brings new tax filing obligations to Spanish tax payers. The most important one of them is that Personal income tax filing season for fiscal year 2013 affecting Spanish resident individuals is about to start.

✔ As of April 01, 2014, Spanish taxpayers can obtain an electronic draft of their 2013 Personal income tax return.

It is also possible to obtain a summary of the tax information that the tax authorities have available. This is a useful tool to consult when preparing the tax return, especially when the draft cannot be supplied because the tax authorities information might be incomplete, (whenever the taxpayer obtains certain sources of income, such as rental income or professional activities).
The draft can be either confirmed or modified only up until June 30, 2014.

✔?A single form to file the Personal income tax return has been passed for the whole Spanish territory.

Taxpayers obliged to file Wealth tax return, shall file both returns electronically.

Payment of the tax due can be domiciled up to June 25, 2014. If taxpayers only domicile their Personal income tax second instalment, then they can do it up until June 30, 2014.

✔ And, last but not least, we remind you that the term to domicile recurring tax returns due this month, such as VAT or Withholding taxes on payroll, has been reduced one day. It shall only be possible up to April 14, 2014.

This measure affects companies as well as individuals acting as professionals or entrepreneurs


Publicado el 04-2014 por PBS