On October 7th, PBS attended the Investment Opportunities in Peru Seminar organized by Foment de Treball Nacional in Barcelona, ??where institutional and business delegations of the Republic of Peru presented business opportunities offered by the country to foreign investment, a key component in the country’s economical development and growth.

Joan Canals, President of the International Commission of Foment del Treball Nacional, emphasised that since 2013 Peru is one of the strongest economies in Latin America despite suffering a 2% slowdown in 2014. However, and due to the increased on public infrastructure spending and the promotion of private investment it is expected to reach 5.1% in 2015.

According to Dr. Cesar Janto, Advisor of Ministry of Housing, projects such as: Lake Titicaca’s cleaning up, Choquequirao’s cable car, Lima’s water and drains network renovation, Talar’s refinery upgrading and the construction of one million two hundred thousand housing in Peru, among others, are some of the challenges that the state will undertake to boost the economy in the upcoming years to significantly improve the Peruvians quality of life.

“In the last 15 years Peru has demonstrated its financial capacity to overcome the crisis since Peru’s main buyer is the Peruvian State” Aristides Tejada, Doctor of Management and Economics at the Federico Villareal National University and Advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank, said. He also remarked that should intend to be contracted by the state, must take into account all the preparatory acts, selection processes and contractual implementation outlined in the Government Procurement Supervision Agency.

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Investing in Peru is a smart option because of its legal certainty, stable political climate, the internationally recognized macroeconomic reliability, the potential investment in diverse sectors as well as the recent agreements with different markets.

Publicado el 10-2015 por PBS