Last week PBS attended a session about Chile, “Chile and the Pacific Alliance”, organized by Foment del Treball. Chile, a member of the Pacific Alliance with Perú, Colombia and Mexico, was presented as one of the most attractive countries to do business with in Latin America

The conference was lead by the president of the International Commision of Foment del Treball, Joan Canals; the General Consul of Chile, Matías Undurraga and a few other experts on establishing abroad and international treaties.

Chile is a synonym of security

All the experts agreed on indicating that Chile is one of the most open and reliable economies in the world thanks to its legal security and its economic stability which has allowed carrying out efficient and coherent reforms. All this makes Chile “an interesting platform to access the whole American continent with special projection on the Pacific area”

It was also stressed the importance of this kind of events to contribute and promote investing activities between Spain and Chile and the rest members of the Alliance of the Pacific.

Seeking advice on internationalization: key to success.

It was also pointed out the importance of strategy when it comes to internationalizing and rush was accused of being the main cause of failure since it could lead to coming up with the wrong structures.   For this reason it is of great importance to make sure there is a good management of the personnel and that all the strategic aspects involving taxes and payroll are met.

Chile-Catalunya commerce

As it was stated, in 2013, 3.033 Catalan companies exported to Chile, one third of the Spanish companies who exported, and there is already 792 companies that have exported to Chile on a regular basis in the last four years.

In addition, from the 1500 estimated Spanish companies which have opted to establish in Chile, “a few hundreds” are Catalan companies.


Publicado el 06-2014 por PBS