9 October, 2013

PBS en Garmin Barcelona Triathlon 2013“It´s a Question of Attitude!”

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[vimeo 76519435]

“It´s a Question of Attitude!” The PBS motto served well for 12 of its employees who competed last Sunday in Barcelona´s Garmin Triathlon individual and team event.  In a gathering of over 5,000 athletes from 30 countries, PBS put forward 3 teams and 3 individuals.

Accounts, Finance, Payroll, IT – Professional Bookkeeping Services by day….. swimmers, cyclists and runners by night.  The strong corporate culture in PBS of team spirit, group participation, and striving for perfection was reflected in the happy faces of the participants as they crossed the finishing line, and of their coworkers who had cheered them on.  As one tired swimmer declared:  “The Best of Barcelona´s Garmin 2013 was feeling the support and solidarity of my coworkers spurring me on.”

In a world of finance, tax compliance, bookkeeping and payroll, PBS maintain that perfection is an attitude – Sunday´s event showed that human values are the driving force.

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Based in Barcelona and Madrid. Englobally is our Latin American business partner established in Santiago de Chile.

We are also part of Englobally Group, an international association of independent accounting and advisory firms that provide a one-stop shop managed solution for accounting, payroll and HR needs, with member firms in over 25 countries and associates working in many others. Many fast growing technology and lifescience businesses find their international services invaluable. Companies in many other sectors are attracted by the close and supportive way Englobally Group works.



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