Monday May 23rd, 2016, the private Foundation Empresa y Clima hosted the presentation of the “Report on world’s CO2 Emissions situation. 2014”. Written by Arturo de las Heras Abás. The report is an analysis of data of emissions of Greenhouse Gases in Spain, Europe and global macro areas.

Natural Gas Fenosa opened its doors for the location of the event and was also the main sponsor of the report. Antonio Lucas talked about the focus of the multinational group on the climate change. He mentioned that new commercialization models will be a part of the market thanks to the new technologies. He also mentioned Natural Gas Fenosa’s commitment with its evolution to more sustainable energy systems and its investment on new uses of the Natural gas and Bio-gas.

Right after, the other four sponsors talked, starting with Jordi Portabella, who spoke for La Caixa about the importance of easing the impact of our social actions on the environment and the socioeconomic commitment from the institution, through the calculation and compensation of their carbon footprint, among other initiatives.

On the other hand, Jordi Bolea, head of institutional relationships, health and environment of Rockwool, sees the book as a solution to the problem because of the analysis on which it focuses. He believes in circular economy and in buying things that last long and are reusable.

Alejandro de Juanes tolds us how the internalization of climate change and the fact that they take into consideration the topic in every decision, made them grow as a company in InclamCO2. He said that every time he talks to someone new he tells them “You didn’t know, but you work in climate change”

Finally Roger Artigues from EPSON talked about the triple balance (economy, social and environment) as the future of business sustainability. They are committed to reduce the CO2 emissions on a 90% during the lifespan of their products.

We’ve also had the privilege of speaking with the author of the book Artuto de las Heras Abás and he summed up for us a little bit of information about the main CO2 emitter countries. On the business level he thinks that by being more efficient the businesses get better results and lower their expenses, plus they are able to offer help with the fight against climate change.

Publicado el 05-2016 por PBS