SAP Business One is the perfect answer to questions such as: Do you need to improve the management of your business and integrate processes and information? Is your company expanding and you want to have a single network integrated internationally and accessible from any part of the world?

Nowadays a growing number of companies are seeking to expand to other continents. Managing branches in different continents can be very complicated and requires a great effort. Technology can help these growing companies, but you need to choose wisely among all the business software solutions. If you are a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) you probably want your software to be affordable and scalable. In PBS, we believe in this case SAP Business One is the best option.

The flexibility of SAP technology adapts to your specific necessities. Its functionality makes it able to support both commercial and productive activity, managing areas such as purchases, logistics, distribution, sales, customer service, and finances or reporting. All you need in order to get an effective management thanks to its traceability and integration of processes.

Regarding international expansion, SAP Business One is also global. Growing companies need a system that can deal with multi-currency, multi-localization and can still provide a single source of truth. Plus the system is available in 27 languages, with full legislative compliance in 42 countries, and has been installed in over 120 countries across the globe.

The Spanish tax authorities 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan

It is also compatible with SAP R3, so if your company is already using it and you want to go to a new market, you can start using SAP Business One at the branch while using SAP R3 at the main offices.

As you can see, SAP Business One is a great solution to manage global opportunities.

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Publicado el 06-2015 por PBS