The PBS initiative “Your opinion counts”, which aims to finance projects to help less favored areas in Latin America, reaches its 6th edition.

During the last 6 years, taking advantage of the clients satisfaction surveys, we have given the clients the opportunity  to choose to which NGO they would like us to make the donation to, making them part not only in improving the quality of our services, but also in increasing awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility.

This year the winner entity, chosen by raffle, was Fundación Comparte. The 5000€ of the donation went entirely to the INEPE program in Ecuador.

We had the opportunity to talk to the Director of Fundación Comparte, Claudio Lavanchy, and asked a few questions regarding what they have achieved with such a program.

What is Comparte, which is its mission as an NGO, and what projects do it have planned for the future? 

Comparte is an NGO that since 1998 has made its mission to improve the life conditions and education of the boys and girls of Latin America. We work primarily on sponsoring these children. This allows us to provide the children of the communities we work at with a long term quality education. Thanks to the sponsoring we can carry out quality follow up work for each children from early age until they are self-sufficient.

Comparte in an entity which does not work based on punctual projects, but rather supports other local entities which work towards the education, cultural, health and well being of the children. We believe in the development brought by commitment, experience and knowledge of local organizations. We try to avoid both the colonization of the people who help and that the decision power lays in the hands of those who bring the money.

From all the projects you collaborate with, our donation has been fully designated to the INEPE program. Tell us what is this program about and what does it aim to achieve.

INEPE is a high quality education center, which aims the full development of the children. Is is located in the neighborhood of Chilibulo, in the south of Quito, Ecuador. The 800 children that attend this school are kids in seriously vulnerable situation, with a malnutrition rate of 23%.

In order to improve the children nutritional level, INEPE needed to renovate their small dinning room as well as the kitchen, the conservation of the food and hygiene.  The donation from PBS went entirely to cost part of this reform. Today, the dinning room is a reality and is fully functioning.

Why do you think it is important for companies to accept the importance of corporate social responsibility? 

Solidarity is a value that constitutes a reward on itself, which is the personal satisfaction of participating in initiatives that  help others. From a striclty corporate point of view, there are many assets that makes it attractive to corporate collaboration.

A company which integrates  social  and working politics such as safety and hygiene, caring for the environment, can also act beyond their immediate surroundings and help the more disadvantaged people as part of their social commitment.  Comparte guides companies which actions are the most interesting for their company, depending on their activity, interests, areas of inversion… and we work together to promote their solidarity actions both in Spain and Latin America.

Companies who collaborate with Comparte benefit from tax savings.

Spanish taxation system allows companies to deduct a 35% of their donations on corporate tax, since Fundación Comparte falls within the Fiscal Regimen Law for non-profit organizations and for tax incentives for patronage (49/2002, December 23)

To conclude, if someone, company or individual, is interested in collaborating with you , either economically or as a volunteer, what do they have to do? 

The best way to reach us is by calling us,  93 302 62 27, or sending an email, We will assist you personally. Normally we receive petitions from individuals or companies to help a kid by sponsoring or offering a donation for an specific task. We also receive plenty of petitions from volunteers, both in Latin America or in Barcelona.

If a company wants to collaborate with Fundacion Comarte, there are a few alternatives:

1- Sponsor a collective of children. We suggest the companies to sponsor a group of kids or a school. If you wish to sponsor a kid we advise you one specific person inside the organization to be responsible of the relationship.

2- Finance a specific project. Buying a library bus, the renovation of a school, donating for computer material.. are specific projects we propose and from which you will be informed at all times. Your name will be in the memory of the beneficiary for a long time.

3- Corporate volunteering. It is a way to contribute with the knowledge of qualified employes to our volunteer work. This  knowledge that your company can contribute with could be very helpful to improve the quality of life for the children in Latin America. So the best way would be to talk it over a cup of coffee.


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