13 June, 2016

Uruguay, an investment destination

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since is a door to the 200 million inhabitants of the MERCOSUR

Uruguay, an investment destination

Last Thursday we attended the conference “Uruguay, an investment destination” at the Foment of Treball’s headquarters in Barcelona.

The event started with a presentation by Mr. Joan Canals, president of the international commission National Foment of Treball, Mr. Antonio Carámbula, Executive director of Uruguay XXI and a representative of Uruguay’s embassy. They introduced the country as an ideal investment destination. Among the reasons given by the speakers we heard about the uninterrupted growth of the country’s economy in the last 15 years, the possibility of its use as a penetration platform for the South American continent and the political and socioeconomic stability as its mains attributes.

Other of the characteristics of the country are the taxes benefits, such as the investment promotion regime in which after some analysis 20 to 100% of the over income tax is refunded, the free trade zones, free ports and airports, the temporary admission of raw material and supplies, the modern infrastructure and the use of renewable energy (92% of the total energy in 2015), Brunini, investments manager at Uruguay XXI, adds that Uruguay is also the Latin American country with the highest per capita income.

Afterwards Ana Rey was up, the president of the National Logistics Institute of Uruguay, who introduced the concept of the country as a logistics’ Hub, since is a door to the 200 million inhabitants of the MERCOSUR, plus it has competitive costs for investments, quality of services and easy access and customs.

Montserrat Feliu, CEO at Feliu N&I SL, company in charge of businesses internalization talks about the 4 variables that should always be in perfect balance when you’re thinking about investing overseas: risk, control, investment and flexibility. Uruguay has an agreement with the Spanish social security for up to two years, the implantation in the legal department is very simple, it has an international double taxation law and visa systems of easy extension.

We think Uruguay is a very advantageous investment destination, and you? We want to know what you think.

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