What payroll is

The number of national and international companies looking for efficient solutions to enable them to delegate tasks that use up their time and resources without offering any kinds of benefits is becoming higher and higher. The management and control of payroll is one of these, and outsourcing these services is a wise decision for many business organizations.

The external payroll service, which we offer at PBS, takes care of managing payroll, supervising legislative changes that have an effect on its calculation, analysis and results. The need to adjust to continual legal changes requires an expert in the subject area who can take care of managing the labour relations of a company.

Payroll for companies

Were this not so, this intricate process would take resources away from other tasks that add value to the business. When faced with the question or whether or not it is convenient to outsource payroll management, it is important to know what the potential benefits are when opting for outsourcing.

Payroll management is one of the most sensitive tasks in a company. Choosing who is to take care of this service appropriately reduces risks and prevents many problems. Our specialized payroll service is fully committed to confidentiality and safety during the payroll-creation process, and works in close collaboration with the area of human resources in order to achieve the solution that is best-suited to the needs of the business.

The main payroll services that PBS offers

  • Payroll calculation.
  • Management, drafting and sending of payslips.
  • Fringe benefits.
  • Human resources consultancy.
  • Preparation and payment of Social Security contributions.
  • Management of social benefits and other compensations.
  • Management of all labour incidents (registration and deregistration of employees, registration of seconded employees, temporary disability to work, etc.).
  • Management of dismissals and terminations.
  • Drafting and adaptation of employment contracts.

Benefits that payroll offers companies

Carrying out tasks related to the labour management of a company proves to be complex and requires full-time specialized work. In addition, the consequences of not doing this appropriately may suppose a number of very serious problems for any business. Therefore, leaving this in our expert hands offers numerous benefits and advantages for companies:

Time and cost savings

The owners and managers of a company ensure that the production and profitability of the business are optimum. Delegating the management of payroll and other tasks related to the labour area into the hands of our specialists allows you to focus on production tasks, due to which the saving in time and costs is considerable as from its implementation.

Precision and compliance

No companies may allow themselves the luxury of making any mistakes in respect of the payment of salaries, social security contributions, and tax returns for employees. In this regard, placing your trust in our qualified professionals, who know all of the details of the process, provides certainty and prosperity to any business.

This improves the working environment in the company

Employees expect to receive their salaries and any additional payments on time and error-free. Guaranteeing that this is fulfilled has a considerable impact on the trust and motivation of employees.

Payroll offers a broad variety of competences

Our payroll management team has experts who are responsible exclusively for payroll management, and they know all of its keys and all of its secrets in great depth. Our specialists receive continuous training and they are always up-to-date with the current legislation in this area. The payroll management services are adapted to the needs of each business organization, due to which their spectrum of functions is very broad.

Our outsourced service for payroll management takes care of all of the aspects and details of the organization, providing personalized tasks. In addition to calculating social security contributions and salaries, it analyses contracts and profiles taking into account subsidies, reductions in quotas and social benefits. In this manner, the company will have peace of mind, as it will be complying with current law, and the company personnel will reach high levels of satisfaction.

Solution for the internationalization of companies

Furthermore, our payroll service is the best option in respect of international payroll solutions in companies that internationalize their activity and need to have a professional team with experience that provides them with valuable information for the taking of decisions without incurring high costs. Therefore, this collaboration supposes that companies may address situations that had previously implied facing high economic impacts and unsatisfactory results in respect of international payroll management. This is due to the various legalities and identities of each country in the tax, labour and mercantile areas.

Other services are focused on support and assistance in cases of tax and/or labour inspections, contract renewals, controls of extensions, periods of temporary disability to work, conversions of contracts from temporary to permanent, social benefits plans for employees, final settlements, the calculation of indemnities, etc…. In short, payroll is a specialized human resources area the objective of which is to ensure the optimum operation of the business workforce in conformity with law. Payroll is growing progressively in Spain in the business environment of large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, as well as in other cities and towns in our country.

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