On Thursday February 26, PBS attended the first meeting of Internationalization Dialogues in Barcelona, ??a series of meetings created with the aim of spreading the need and advantages of expanding abroad. These sessions will feature high level speakers, representatives of major institutions and senior management of companies in the area of internationalization.

This first meeting in 2015, had as the main guest Joaquin Gay Montella, president of Foment del Treball, who was interviewed before the audience by three journalists of great prestige: José María Triper (The Economist), Manel Pérez (La Vanguardia) and Olga Grau (El Periódico de Catalunya).

The Internation Dialogues event was introduced by Juan Canals, president of Agrupación Española del Género de Punto and president of the Comisión Internacional de Foment.

After a talk about the current economic political status, the president of Foment urged entrepreneurs to internationalize “you have to export and it is imperative to go out,” he stressed, provided that the company is the appropriate size and is well prepared to do so.


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Publicado el 03-2015 por PBS