The confinement situation generated due to the COVID 19 pandemic not only has altered our day – to –day habits but also has modified the calendar of the Spanish taxpayers’ obligations.

At the State level, on going tax returns whose deadline is between the 15th April and the 20th May due by Small – sized entities and self – employed individuals have been delayed. A measure that, although it was approved a bit too late, benefits the cash position of this taxpayers’ group.

fiscalidad covid 19

The Spanish Corporate income tax filing season should start in July 2020. We will need to pay attention to this deadline, however, given that the deadlines to formulate and approve the annual accounts on which this tax will be based have also been changed.

✔ Small – seized entities as well as self – employed individuals whose 2019 turnover did not exceed 600,000 € can benefit from the extension up to May 20, 2020 of the filing deadline of tax returns that were due from 15 April until May 20, 2020. This measure applies, for example, to quarterly VAT returns, withholding taxes and advanced payments that were due to file during the month of April 2020.

Tax debts resulting from such tax returns can be domiciled for direct debit payment up until May 15, 2020. Payment will be made in May 20, 2020, including the tax returns that had already been filed when Royal Decree 14 / 202 that approved this measure came into force, once the April filing campaign had already started.

Companies filing under the Corporate income tax and / or VAT group schemes fall out of this measure.

✔ Although the 2019 Personal income tax campaign remains unchanged, running from the 1st of April to the 30th of June, we will need to follow up on the Corporate income tax campaign expected for July 2020.

As a consequence of the COVID 19 situation, the term to formulate the annual accounts of three months as from the closing of the fiscal year remains suspended up until the State of alarm ends, restarting again for three additional months, to be counted as from such date. In addition to it, the general shareholders ordinary meeting to approve the accounts of the preceding fiscal year, that usually meets during the first six months as from the end of the fiscal year, will necessarily meet during the three months following the end of the term to formulate the annual accounts.

✔ If the term to file the 2019 Corporate income tax return is not changed, as this is due during the 25 days following six months as from the fiscal year closing, companies will have to file a tax return based on an accounting result that very rarely will have been formulated by the company’s administration body or been approved by the general shareholders meeting. This is a situation without precedent up to nowadays.

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